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Insulated flooring system


Ecobuild Solutions is a resourceful, independent Australian business seeking to offer innovative solutions to our customers in the construction market. We strive to do the following:

  • Understand and fulfil the needs of builders, architects, owner-builders, homeowners and specifiers through active communication and forging alliances;
  • Provide innovative building products and solutions which address the needs of builders, are simple to install and are environmentally friendly and sustainable;
  • Ensure those products have the highest quality through extensive testing and accrediting, responding to feedback from our customers and utilising our deep alliances with manufacturers and agents;
  • Distribute those products at affordable prices to our customers enabled by our simple and direct route to market and our low fixRealStone House 2015-01-18 (9)ed costs business structure.

So, please have a look at our products and be sure to make an enquiry – We’d love to hear from you and to have the opportunity of making you a happy customer – Examples of testimonials are shown below


insulated floor sheetingInsulFloor – Durable, lightweight, insulated floor sheeting

InsulFloor is a lightweight, easy to handle & install, pre-laminated insulated floor sheeting system ideally suited to first-floor extensions, sloping blocks, raised floors, construction with stumps and bearers, granny flats and transportable homes / compounds.

Our proprietary InsulFloor system consists of:

  • Sandwich panels comprised of high quality, durable 10mm (top – grey colour) and 6mm (bottom – white colour) MgO boards laminated to both sides of 34mm high density, closed cell XPS insulation board.
  • PVC H-sections with lengths of 3600mm which align the panels.
  • The panels are very light (20kg/m2) and easy to handle & install. They come in the following sizes:
  • 2400mm (for 300mm and/or 600mm joist centres) x 600mm x 50mm
  • 2700mm (for 300mm and/or 450mm joist centres) x 600mm x 50mm

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Eco-Easy are high quality, low cost MgO panels which can be used in a number of applications within the construction of a home including walls, ceilings, eaves linings, soffits and floors. These panels can be used as a direct, one-for-one replacement for fibre cement and/or plasterboard panels and, in so doing, will save you money and provide improved performance.

Notable characteristics of Eco-Easy panels are:

  • Eco-Easy panels have excellent fire-resistant qualities and are not susceptible to moisture, mould, vermin, termites and will not rot.
  • Eco-Easy panels can readily be used in wet areas (bathrooms, laundries, kitchens, etc) provided that proper waterproofing of the room and panels has been carried out
  • Eco-Easy panels are entirely non-toxic
  • Eco-Easy panels have superior strength characteristics when compared to fibre cement and plasterboard panels

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RealStone – Stunning, lightweight, insulated natural stone walling

RealStone is an exciting, innovative cladding product which offers a beautiful, prestigious natural stone finish with energy-efficient insulation at a highly affordable price relative to other real stone options. Further, RealStone is lightweight, easy-to-install and, for those looking to renovate, offers the opportunity to significantly boost the value of their home.
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Lorant Stary

"Given my builder had not seen the InsulFloor before, he had to adapt to its installation methodology. However, once he got used to it, my builder was very enthusiastic about the InsulFloor product and system. The InsulFloor also feels very solid underfoot and I am looking forward to seeing how it performs in hot and cold conditions."

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