Insulated Flooring Board by Ecobuild

At Ecobuild Solutions we are committed to listening to our customers and adapting to their needs through continuous improvement. Accordingly, to usher in 2016, we have made the following improvements to our InsulFloor panels: Increased the thickness of the top board and changed its colour from white to grey. This allows for even greater impact […] Read More

Insulated Floors Australia

Devex Systems, experts at delivering heating, cooling and insulation solutions, tested their under-floor heating systems using InsulFloor as the sub-floor to ascertain the level of savings, if any, the use of InsulFloor would generate. The results were astounding – When using InsulFloor as the sub-floor, Devex Systems concluded that: “InsulFloor provides significant benefits for under-floor […] Read More

Real Stone Facade by Ecobuild

Ecobuild Solutions (“Ecobuild”) and its distribution partner, Realstone Ltd, recently exhibited a cost effective, elegant, and energy efficient range of wall panels, stone panels, and floor panels at an internationally renowned sustainable building exhibition held in London (Ecobuild exhibition). The Australian cladding solution was well received from architects, designers, builders and developers and construction firms in the U.K. […] Read More

Fencing with Stone Wall Cladding by Ecobuild

Ecobuild solutions will be showcasing its product range at the international ecobuild solutions exhibition in London. With its distribution partner, Realstone UK, Ecobuild solutions is taking its lightweight insulated products into the European market. Tony Palanca, Ecobuild’s business development manager said ” We have seen strong initial interest in our solution in Europe. While new […] Read More

Ecobuild Solutions is pleased to announce the appointment of its inaugural Distributor. Building Efficiency Systems owned by Doug & Lesley Begg has taken up the Tasmanian distributorship for Ecobuild products […] Read More