About Eco-Easy MgO Panels


Eco-Easy are high quality, low cost MgO panels which can be used in a number of applications within the construction of a home including walls, ceilings, eaves linings, soffits and floors. These panels can be used as a direct, one-for-one replacement for fibre cement and/or plasterboard panels and, in so doing, will save you money and provide improved performance.

Notable characteristics of Eco-Easy MgO panels

  • They have excellent fire-resistant qualities and are not susceptible to moisture, mould, vermin or termites and will not rot.
  • MgO boards can readily be used in wet areas (bathrooms, laundries, kitchens, etc) provided that proper waterproofing of the room and panels has been carried out
  • The panels are eco-friendly and entirely non-toxic
  • These panels have superior strength characteristics when compared to fibre cement and plasterboard panels

Eco-Easy Groove Floor Board_Ecobuild Solutions Australia

Low Cost

We are able to offer the Eco-Easy MgO panels at very affordable, low prices due to our deep sourcing partnerships, direct-to-market sales and low overheads structure. On average retail prices of Eco-Easy panels are between 20% and 30% less expensive than retail prices of comparable fibre cement products. Further, if you are a builder and/or trade, we will be happy to offer further discounts to the already low retail price. Eco-Easy Magnesium Oxide Panels

High Quality

Eco-Easy MgO boards have been tested to AS 2908.2 and passed with the same (or better) credentials than James Hardie fibre cement products. They have also been classified as a Group 1 fire-resistant product per AS/NZS 3837.

These panels have a higher density and are stronger than most other magnesium oxide boards on the market. They also have superior bending, impact and nail-pull strength to fibre cement and/or plasterboard

These MgO panels contain the best fibreglass mesh as reinforcement and are made of the latest generation MgO board which means that unlike other MgO board panels, they do not “sweat” and release chloride ions which may cause corrosion of steel parts and fasteners

Eco-Easy panels’ manufactured quality and consistency are ensured as follows:

    • Our toll manufacturers have been selected following dozens of inspections and reviews of competing factories, and are ISO 9001 certified and their products SGS assessed
    • Our toll manufacturers have the facilities, expertise and culture to consistently produce high quality product
    • In addition, our local, independent agent quality controls and inspects each and every consignment prior to despatch

Eco-Easy CTA

What are Magnesium Oxide Panels?

Magnesium based cement products have been around for centuries and were already used in the building of the Great Wall of China. MgO or Magnesium Oxide or Magnesia boards are magnesium based cement products which have been popular in Asia (in particular China) in the building industry because of their outstanding properties around fire-resistance, water-resistance, strength and durability.

MgO board is also a very eco-friendly, green product given its low embodied energy (curing is done at little more than room temperature) and the fact that magnesia is a natural mineral which is available in huge deposits and easily accessible.

Should you wish to get a more detailed explanation of MgO, please refer to this article printed in the Wall & Ceiling Magazine USA 2007.

Kitchen with Eco-Easy MgO Panels

Tiled kitchen floor using 19mm Eco-Easy board as floor substrate

Eco-Easy MgO Panel Uses

Eco-Easy MgO boards can be used in all applications that fibre cement and/or plasterboards are currently used: Thus, walls (internal and external), ceilings, eaves linings, soffits, backing boards, sheathing and floors. Eco-Easy MgO Panel Textures

These panels have a smooth side and a textured side. As a general guideline, the smooth side is the visible side that is primed and painted.

Several paint companies have tested the performance of their primers on the smooth surface of the Eco-Easy panels and found that adhesion was excellent. As a result, they have written specifications for the use of their primers, top-coats, jointing compounds, wet area membranes, etc with these panels.

How Eco-Easy Panels Work

Eco-Easy MgO panels are essentially installed in the same way as fibre cement boards. They can be cut using standard timber / fibre cement equipment and, like fibre cement panels, can be jointed and painted and used in wet areas. An additional benefit of these panels over fibre cement boards is that they are comprised of entirely non-toxic materials.

Eco-Easy Benefits

  • Low-Cost. Eco-Easy saves you money. Notwithstanding Eco-Easy’s qualitative advantages, is lower cost than fibre cement and plasterboard in many residential and commercial. Low prices are achieved due to Ecobuild Solutions’ deep sourcing partnerships, direct-to-market sales and low overheads structure
  • Green. Extremely low embodied energy as curing is done at little more than room temperature. Magnesia, Eco-Easy’s primary ingredient, is a natural mineral which is available in huge deposits and easily accessible
  • High-quality. The panels are made of the latest generation MgO board to ensure the highest possible quality and strength. They contain no chlorides and every consignment is inspected and passed by independent quality controllers
  • Strength. The panels have superior bending, impact and nail-pull strength to fibre cement and plasterboard
  • Non-toxic. Panels are entirely non-toxic and is free of asbestos and formaldehyde.This is in contrast to fibre cement which contains crystalline silica
  • Durable. The boards have excellent fire-resistant qualities, are not susceptible to moisture, mould, vermin, termites and will not rot.
  • Easy-to-handle. Panels are lighter but stronger than fibre cement
  • Versatile and Interchangeable. Boards can be used to replace both fibre cement and plasterboard products in several different applications. They can also be laminated to form decorative panels perfect for partition walls in commercial applications. Customers can custom-specify the panels (in terms of thickness, density, etc)



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