Ecobuild’s Stone and Cladding Solutions Surprise International Construction Industry

Real Stone FacadeEcobuild Solutions (“Ecobuild”) and its distribution partner, Realstone Ltd, recently exhibited a cost effective, elegant, and energy efficient range of wall panels, stone panels, and floor panels at an internationally renowned sustainable building exhibition held in London (Ecobuild exhibition).

The Australian cladding solution was well received from architects, designers, builders and developers and construction firms in the U.K. and around the world.

There were 200,000 visitors that went to one of the largest exhibitions of green building products in the world. All visitors were interested in finding building and building material solutions that were green, sustainable and innovative.

The CEO of Realstone Ltd, Iain Kennedy, had this to say about the Australian company’s range of stone cladding and panel solutions: “The response we have had has been tremendous. We have had developers with multisite projects remark that the RealStone solution is the most innovative and well thought out cladding solution they have seen on the market. Our stand has been swamped with interest in the cladding solution for the entire exhibition period. The reason for the interest is clear. There are many suppliers here of novel insulation solutions, stone and stone block solutions, cladding solutions, even novel brick solutions. But the Aussie Ecobuild Solutions is the only cladding solution that has bought together insulation, an easy fix system for many different construction formats, real stone finishes, and a low carbon footprint building material approach. All of it in one panel, one cladding solution. It’s brilliance is in what it has achieved so simply.”

The exhibition also attracted construction experts and specialists from around the world. Specialists in the Middle East are now looking at distributing Ecobuild’s cladding solutions due to its lightweight , it’s easy to install system, and its ability to insulate against hot and cold climate conditions. One such specialist from Saudi Arabia remarked: “This is a beautiful system. We need lightweight solutions and products that can be used by low skilled trades people. We also need products that can provide insulation against our temperature extremes and allow us to meet the r value requirements for our building codes. I have not seen one panel that incorporates all of these things into one cladding system.”

Another developer from Eastern Europe had this to say: “We have many historic buildings

Easy Light-weight building insulation

made from stone. Stone is expensive to buy and expensive to work with. The RealStone cladding solution is the best stone solution I have seen at the show. I thought I had to use stone blocks for our new development, and now I realize I can use RealStone panels at half the cost to buy, half the cost to install, and have the benefit of integrated insulation.”

One of the interesting features of the Ecobuild exhibition in London was the number of foam and polystyrene based insulation solutions. This technology has certainly come of age and shows clear benefits over traditional insulation techniques.

Ecobuild Solutions from Australia was the only supplier, amongst 1300 exhibitors, that had a fully tested and assured real stone panel, with integrated polystyrene based insulation, and a simple dry fixing system. It is a unique proposition, invented in Australia, with a global patent pending. The Aussie cladding solution is now finding itself being accepted as an innovative building material around the world.

Herbert Klintworth, CEO of Ecobuild Solutions in Australia had this to say: “It is a big investment of time and effort for a new company to go to the other side of the world and compete with the best international building material systems in the world. It was a risk we took, because after spending nearly two years in testing and development, we were confident that we had something truly different and innovative in the cladding and panel building material market.”

Tony Palanca, Ecobuild’s senior business development and marketing executive said: “I was at the show and was overwhelmed by the positive remarks and support. We are now in the process of converting that into new distribution agreements around the planet. Building materials and construction is going through a fundamental shift, one that hasn’t been seen in a century. Traditional bricks and mortar approaches use too much energy to make, too much to deliver and are simply too expensive and risky to install. Anyone familiar with our OH&S laws would understand those risks. The time is ripe for innovation. Rewards will go to building materials that are light in weight, light in their consumption of non-renewable resources, easy to install and maintain, and aesthetically beautiful.”

In Australia Ecobuild Solutions is rapidly building out its distribution network and has already completed over 40 projects. Tony Palanca said: “I can see us quickly doubling and tripling our installed base of projects here and around the world. That is very pleasing to me. To see an Australian invented and Australian run company come out this country to drive innovation into traditional construction and building materials market here and around the globe.”