About Us

Ecobuild Solutions are experts in researching, sourcing, inspecting and testing building products. Our focus is on sourcing and supplying high quality magnesium oxysulphate (MOS) cement boards (ie: non-chloride MgO boards) and complementary products. These MOS boards present benefits to the builder beyond the more established fibre cement and plasterboard products at cost-effective pricing.

In our quest to optimise our MOS products, we have vetted dozens of factories, finalised board formulations and specifications, conducted extensive testing, and considered building techniques and installation methodologies. The net result is the supply of high quality, extreme strength MOS cement boards which provide unrivalled benefits to our end-customers.

Our MOS cement boards are branded OxyMag and distributed exclusively via our partners ITI and John Cook & Sons throughout Australia. Stockists of our OxyMag cement boards can be found at the following websites: