InsulFloor Improvements Update

At Ecobuild Solutions we are committed to listening to our customers and adapting to their needs through continuous improvement. Accordingly, to usher in 2016, we have made the following improvements to our InsulFloor panels:

insulated floor

InsulFloor board with grey top

  • Increased the thickness of the top board and changed its colour from white to grey. This allows for even greater impact and concentrated load strength. Note: The thickness of the bottom board has been reduced by an equal amount and remains white in colour
  • Increased the density and reinforcement of the boards to even further boost the strength of the InsulFloor panel
  • Changed the lengths of the board from 2250mm to 2400mm and 2700mm to accommodate builders’ request for on-joist joins. This has enabled the elimination of the previously required short joiner rails which simplifies the installation process

We trust our customers will get even greater utility out of the use of their InsulFloor product. Should anyone have questions regading InsulFloor, please do not hesitate to contact us at