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About InsulFloor Insulated Flooring

InsulFloor is a lightweight, easy to handle & install, pre-laminated insulated flooring system ideally suited to first-floor extensions, sloping blocks, raised floors, construction with stumps and bearers, granny flats and transportable homes / compounds. About 10% to 20% of the heat in a home can be lost or gained through the floor. Thus, floor insulation is an important component of the overall house insulation.  

In addition to great thermal insulation, InsulFloor’s insulation panels also provide excellent noise insulation due to the damping effect of the varying densities of its components. InsulFloor, when used in conjunction with an underfloor heating system, can save you significant energy costs in floor heating. In fact, Devex Systems, experts in heating and cooling systems, calculated that InsulFloor provides a 21% saving on the electricity needed to power their underfloor heating systems.

The floor sheeting components are unaffected by moisture as well as vermin- and rot-proof. Insulfloor also has a solid, comfortable feel and eliminates the “bounce” that occurs in many other flooring substrates.

Our proprietary insulated flooring system consists of:

  • Sandwich panels comprised of high strength, durable 10mm (top – grey colour) and 6mm (bottom – white colour) MgO boards laminated to both sides of 34mm high quality, closed cell XPS insulation board.
  • PVC H-sections with lengths of 3600mm which align the panels.

The insulation panels are very light (20kg/m2) and easy to handle & install. They come in the following sizes:

  • 2400mm (for 300mm and/or 600mm joist centres) x 600mm x 50mm
  • 2700mm (for 300mm and/or 450mm joist centres) x 600mm x 50mm

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 InsulFloor Uses

InsulFloor is excellent for first-floor extensions, sloping blocks, raised or suspended floors, construction with stumps and bearers, granny flats and transportable homes / compounds. It can also accommodate any flooring finish including ceramic and stone tiles.

These flooring sheets are perfect for transportable homes that are generally placed onto block foundations where underfloor thermal and moisture insulation is of paramount importance. The weight of InsulFloor is little more than particleboard or ply flooring.

 InsulFloor Laminated Flooring Benefits

  • Comfy. Keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter due to its unrivalled thermal insulation capability
  • Peace and Quiet. No noise from upstairs due to its excellent noise insulation capability
  • Saves dollars. Highly economical due to affordable purchase prices, low labour costs and savings in energy consumption costs.
  • Secure and Strong. Sheets have a no “bounce” feel when walked on, can be used on joist centres of 300mm/450mm/600mm and can be used as a platform floor for double-storey buildings with tiled roofs
  • Durable and Tough. Not susceptible to mould, vermin, termites and will not rot
  • Green and Eco-friendly. InsulFloor offers low embodied energy, saves on energy consumption and has a potentially long and sustainable life due to its durability
  • Convenient and Simple. Very easy and quick to install, requiring minimal expertise and tools. It’s also light-weight and easy-to-handle, thus, liked by builders
  • Proven. Extensively tested and accredited, including compliance to BCA AS/NZS 1170.1 2002 for residential use, use as a platform floor under wall frames, being asbestos-free and very low ignitibility, flame propagation and heat release.
  • Versatile. Can be used for just about any conceivable application, with both timber or steel frames, in bathrooms/wet areas and with all floor coverings


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