Save on Under-Floor Heating Costs with InsulFloor

Devex Systems, experts at delivering heating, cooling and insulation solutions, tested their under-floor heating systems using InsulFloor as the sub-floor to ascertain the level of savings, if any, the use of InsulFloor would generate.

1379337325eco-build-floor-bannerThe results were astounding – When using InsulFloor as the sub-floor, Devex Systems concluded that: “InsulFloor provides significant benefits for under-floor heating in regards to heat up times and, especially, running times. Considering that most new builds still resist installing insulation to floors, the cost benefits of having InsulFloor as the sub-floor for the typical In-Screed or In-Tile Adhesive floor heating systems are significant”.

In fact, Devex Systems calculated that InsulFloor will provide a 21% saving on the electricity needed to power their under-floor heating systems (when compared to a subfloor with no insulation). Assuming the under-floor heating operates 12 hours a day, the use of InsulFloor for a floor area of 200m2 would amount to more than a $20 per day saving on your electricity bill. Accordingly, when looking at the payback of using InsulFloor versus a simple chipboard floor with no insulation, the InsulFloor would pay for itself after only 9 months operational use of the underfloor heating system*.

So, installing InsulFloor makes real smart financial sense especially in conjunction with under-floor heating systems. Of course, the additional benefits of using InsulFloor such as its outstanding thermal insulation, solidity (no “bounce”), good sound insulation, great strength (fully BCA compliant), economic benefits (even without underfloor heating) and impressive versatility (any floor covering) all mean that InsulFloor is the pinnacle of all sub-floor solutions.

* = Underfloor heating systems are generally used for 3 to 4 months per year